I Think I Can

Costume and Set Design
2007 Lorraine Kimsa Theatre for Young People; Florene Gibson & Shawn Byfield Co-Creators, Conrad Alexandrowicz Dir.
This story told through the language of tap explores schoolyard bullying, the individuality of all children, and the thrill of science, especially the law of motion and the theory e=mc2. The metaphor of dance carries the themes, tells the story and illustrates the law of motion.

Set and Costume notes. Inspired by the wonder of science, the dynamic art of graffiti and the expansive language of modern tap. The set, an open schoolyard, offers maximum movement and percussive potential. Above, the universe floats, magically illuminating the principle of science. At its centre, a large clock orders the structure of time and space. The action travels from the schoolyard to the classroom using interactive set elements to continually transform the stage. Surface texture of chain link, brick and graffiti work together with a floor grid to render the shifting locations. The colour palette ranges from these surfaces to the infinite illumination of the universe above, creating motion throughout the play. The costumes are closely linked to the set palette, capitalizing on its suggestive tones to establish strong colour and pattern play.