Costume and Set Design
2008 Red Sky Performance; Sandra Laronde Concept Dir. and Co-Chor., Roger Sinha Co-Chor.
Tono delves into the unique and intriguing parallels of the indigenous peoples of Canada, Mongolia and China. Red Sky speaks to the tribal identities of indigenous peoples and their shamanic history, while exploring the great horse cultures of the world that have held a mystical sway over our imagination.

Set and Costume Design notes. The set, an evocative space, references both aesthetics of these indigenous cultures. Overhead a Tono hangs adorned with feathers, the symbol of the universe and passageway through to the other side. Across the back, the horizon meets endless sky and along the borders scattered cobblestones mark the ritual piles of a sacred place. Costumes fold into this same overlay, nomadic in nature, responsive in movement and reflective of the rich origins of this journey.