Stones in His Pockets

Costume and Set Design
2006 The Grand Theatre, Maja Ardal dir.

Hollywood delusions sway a whole Irish town when a film being shot there uses the townsfolk as extras. This funny and painful story is told through the eyes of two lowly extras who struggle with their cultural identity while serving themselves up for small wages as quaint representatives of culture. The play is preformed by two actors in multiple roles with minimal costume changes.

Set Design notes. A play in need of design simplicity, in which the actor controls all visual impulses. The design takes on a larger purpose, to support the emotional integrity of the play, exploring the epic nature of the locale while providing an intimate place of story. The setting: an island of rural green land anchored to the stage by scattered rocks. Mid stage floats a large horizontal sky, a moving context for expansive space.

Costume Design notes. Charlie & Jake have two looks: timeless turf digging Irish peasants and contemporary blokes going to the pub. Slipping in and out of the weather tweeds the actors define multiple characters with a tilt of a cap or without.